Advisory & Co-ordination on Forms/ Return and Registers
  1. Return of Allotment (intimation of issue of Shares)
  2. Return of Change of Directorship
  3. Yearly Annual Return
  4. Intimation to R.O.C. of any Special Resolution passed by the company
  5. Return of Increase in the Authorized Share Capital
  6. Return for registration of creation / modification / satisfaction of Charges on the Assets of the company
  7. Return of intimation of having beneficial interest in the shares not held in the company’s name
  8. Return of appointment of Managing Director / Whole time Director / Manager etc.
  9. Register of Members u/s 150
  10. Register of Directors, Manager, Managing Director and Secretary u/s 303
  11. Register of Directors’ Shareholdings u/s 307
  12. Register of Charges u/s 143
  13. Register of Investments not held in Company’s name u/s 49
  14. Register of Contracts and Arrangements in which the Directors are interested u/s 301
  15. Register of Applications and Allotments
  16. Register of Transfers
  17. Register of Attendance of Board and General Meetings
  18. Minutes Books of Board and General Meetings etc.
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