Foreign Direct Investment - Inbound and Outbound
Advisory on followings based on Govt. of India Policy on Foreign Exchange, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Import & Export Policies (EXIM), Notifications, Circulars, Guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India from time to time
  1. Advisory on Entry strategies into India
  2. Establishment of Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India
  3. Establishment of Branch, Liaison Office, Representative Office in India
  4. Drafting of Shareholders Agreement for Joint Ventures
  5. Drafting of Articles of Association for JV Companies
  6. Drafting of Technology Transfer Agreement
  7. Formation of Company outside India
  8. Advisory on making application to Govt. of India (FIPB or concerned Ministries) or Regulatory Authorities (RBI) for Projects, Company Formation, Technology Transfers
  9. Remuneration to Foreign Technicians & Foreign Directors
  10. Royalty related matters
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