Legal Advisory
  1. Vetting of commercial, employment or labour related, property related, finance documents, legal documents to verify applicability and compliance of various applicable laws in India
  2. Legal audit for existing commercial arrangements/documentations
  3. Advisory legal compliance of various commercial documents like Periodical Schemes, Notices, MOU etc.
  4. Drafting of Contracts, Agreements, Legal Documents, Notices, bank Documents etc.
  5. Advisory on Cheque Dishonour cases
  6. Matters relating to recovery of rightful dues and related legal actions through fastest legal recourse
  7. Civil suits related advisory
  8. Advisory on Criminal cases relating to Cheque Dishonour, Investor Grievances, Cheating, Insecticides, Prevention of Food & Drug Administration, Drugs & Cosmetic, Weights & Measures, Environment, Cyber Laws, Statutory Laws
  9. Advisory on Arbitration matters
  10. Advisory Movable / Immovable property matters
  11. Stamp duty / registration matters
  12. Winding-up cases
  13. Consumer Forum cases
  14. Labour law matters
  15. Matters related to DRT
  16. Co-op. Housing Society matters
  17. Trust related matters
  18. Any other legal matters relating to Partnership Firm, personal matters including wills, succession certificate, LOA, Letter of Probate etc.
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